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A Workshop to Empower Your Empathic Abilities

This workshop will teach you the most important skill an Empath can cultivate to change their interactions dramatically. Mastering your empathic abilities is also the “gateway” to identifying and developing your intuitive abilities in an engaged and structured way!

See, an untrained Empath deals with so many challenges on a daily basis…

  • Sensing and “taking on” other’s feelings and emotions
  • Being a fixer and people pleaser
  • Difficulty saying “no” or setting boundaries
  • Feeling overwhelmed in large crowds
  • Needing a great deal of alone time to recharge
  • Attracting narcissists and energy vampires who tend to unload on you emotionally

If you regularly experience any of these situations, you’ll definitely want to get in on this workshop!

We’ll talk about how to empower your Empathic abilities instead of being a victim to them, how to discern which emotions are yours and which aren’t, how to neutralize any low vibe energy or people you come into contact with, and how to manage and grow your abilities, instead of feeling powerless to them.

We’ll also talk about the different types of Empaths and we’ll discuss an alternative to ineffective and unsustainable shielding.

Learn to empower your empathic abilities

Learn which emotions are yours and which aren't

Learn to set strong boundaries and maintain them

$ 22.00

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