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A Workshop to Empower Your Intuitive Abilities

This workshop is designed to deepen your understanding of your natural Psychic Abilities, Intuitive Awareness & to explore aspects of communicating with spirits (Mediumship).

You’ll learn about your awakening skills - the ability to see, hear, feel, know and sense energy and guidance.

Whether you are curious and just starting out, or have had experiences you are curious to know more about, this class is for you.

Imagine being able to receive a clear answer for how to move forward and imagine being able to turn to your higher self, ask a question, and clearly recognize your answer!

Identify and deepen your unique intuitive style by discovering your strongest “clair” ability

Identify Your Spirit Guide and their primary focus when working with you

Learn the technique to help you become a clear and open channel to your Spirit Guuides messages

$ 22.00

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